Are algae-powered oxygen bars on the horizon? Take a deep breath... are you ready for this? Algae-powered oxygen bars could be headed your way in the near future. Sometimes when you’re tired or stressed, what you really need is a breath of clean, fresh air. That was the inspiration for designer Adam Miklosi when he created his Chlorella Pavilion, a futuristic, basket-shaped oxygen bar that uses the purifying power of algae to suck CO2 out of the air and rejuvenate it with oxygen. The structure is built with molded beech wood, and contains living algae pumped through the core and exterior of the pod in a swirling “algae fountain.” Temporary visitors would get the chance to experience symbiosis with the algae, sharing with it their exhaled CO2, which the algae needs to survive, and breathing in the oxygen respired by the algae.  To read more go to :-