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Selling or Buying a House? Make sure the Plans are up to date!

Posted by Blue Designs - Architectural Designers on Wednesday, March 7, 2018, In : Building Plan Approval 

I often get asked whether you need a set of plans to sell your house  here in South Africa.  I also get called a lot to get illegal / 'as built' additions and buildings approved at Council.  Fortunately Johannesburg Council is a lot more relaxed than elsewhere in the world and usually will only order demolition if you have built over a servitude or the building/addition is unsafe or poorly built.

Increasingly banks and mortgage lenders are making it a requirement for a seller to have a complet...

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Why do I need a Title Deed to submit plans to Council?

Posted by Blue Designs - Architectural Designers on Monday, October 3, 2011, In : Building Plan Approval 
You will need a copy of your title deeds for Council Submissions because there are often restrictive clauses therein which could affect the outcome ouf your application and to prove ownership.  Ideally you should furnish your architect with a copy of the Deed before they start drawing.  Examples of restrictions include Building Lines, prohibitions on IBR/Chromadek roofing or wooden buildings and whether you are allowed to build a secondary dwelling on your property.
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