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Common Mistakes People make when Designing a House by Claire Cardwell

Posted by Blue Designs - Architectural Designers on Wednesday, December 7, 2016, In : House Plans 

You are about to build your dream home - but have you thought everything through?  Poor design choices can make your home uncomfortable and sometimes unhealthy.  Good pre-planning can help you avoid these common mistakes  .

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What do I do if I make changes during the building process?

Posted by Blue Designs - Architectural Designers on Wednesday, October 24, 2012, In : House Plans 
It's quite common that a client and builder make changes that deviate from the approved plans during construction.  A new set of plans - Deviation Plans will need to be submitted to your local authority as soon as possible.  Fees will be charged for the new work and you will also have to submit a copy of the previously approved plans together with the new plans to Council.  You will not be able to get an Occupation Certificate without approved plans showing the changes you have made....
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How long are my approved building plans valid for?

Posted by Blue Designs - Architectural Designers on Thursday, February 16, 2012, In : House Plans 
It varies from municipality to municipality but in general your building plans will be valid for one year after approval, you can renew for a further year, but thereafter the plans would be treated as a new submission  In some cases you can get away with putting the foundations in and then finishing the building at a later date.
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How we draw up a set of House Plans

Posted by Blue Designs - Architectural Designers on Tuesday, December 20, 2011, In : House Plans 
We will need to come to site to take measurements and to see how your planned addition will fit in with the rest of the buildings on site and on surrounding stands.  We will also establish exactly what your requirements are.  The next stage is to get copies of previously approved plans, your Zoning Certificate and SG (Surveyor General) diagram from Council - for more information on Zoning Certificates and SG Diagrams check out our article - Getting Building Plans Approved.  We will then draw ...
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