Studio Libeskind has been tapped to design Toulouse’s first skyscraper, the Occitanie Tower, a twisting modern building draped in vertical gardens. Created in collaboration with Paris-based landscape architect Nicolas Gilsoul, the 40-storey mixed-use skyscraper will serve as an economic catalyst for the French city’s central business district and comprise offices, a hotel, a restaurant, and residences. The tree-covered areas of the tower will give the building its iconic appearance and a portion of that green space will be open to public use
Unlike architect Daniel Libeskind’s more jagged and geometric designs, the 150-meter-tall Occitanie Tower stands out from his usual style with its sinuous lines. The curved and twisted shape draws inspiration from the waterways of the Canal du Midi that snake through the city. The eye-catching skyscraper will consist of 11,000 square meters of office space, a Hilton hotel, 120 apartments, retail space, and a restaurant with panoramic views.
“The tower becomes a unique object in a vast urban space – the tower will not only become a destination, but also a defining public space,” said Libeskind. “With its suspended gardens that change colour during the seasons, the slight silvertine of the glazing of the facade will reflect the pink tones of Toulouse and the brightness of this material will change perception of the space, according to the variation of light.” The Occitanie Tower is slated to start construction in 2018 with an expected completion date in 2022.