It is a reality that South Africa's coal reserves will probably run out by 2020.  The largest draw on the Electricity Grid is residential homes.  We are all used to turning off appliances that we are not using or lights in rooms that are uninhabited.  Most of us are now using low energy light bulbs and many of us are installing Solar Geysers and Heat Pumps. 

Fact 50% of all your hot water requirements in a new home must be generated from renewable Energy Sources. 

Fact :  Home Owners are being encouraged to install Low-E Glass (a cheaper alternative is a special film that can be retro-fitted to existing windows and glazed doors) and/or Double Glazing.

Fact : Insulation must be installed in your roof - and also the floors if you are installing under-floor heating.  In fact soon it will be a requirement to build cavity walls with insulation in them.  A possible alternative is Space Frame 2000 which has insulation built in.

Fact :  All geysers that are newly installed must have a geyser blanket.  Geysers are normally installed in the roof void and a great deal of power goes into keeping the water inside hot..... 

Fact : All lighting must be low energy LEDs or CFC (Compact Fluorescent) lights.  You are now only allowed to install lighting up to 5W/m2.

All of these Energy Saving methods cost quite a bit of money at the beginning - however after 5-10 years they will have paid for themselves as you will be consuming a lot less power.

For more detailed information check out the SAIAT Energy Efficiency Workshop Presentation below :-