Spherical eco-lodges that hang from the trees could allow visitors to observe and immerse themselves in the flora and fauna of the Nam Et-Phou Louey Biodiversity Conservation Area in northern Laos. Coupled with new observation decks for observing the area’s endangered tiger population, the suspended sleeping pods give guests a protected and unique place to sleep. The project by Cole Company would be located near the village of Nam Poung, and it would create jobs for local villagers.
Inspired by structures found in nature like bird and insect nests, the spherical floating lodges are made up of a bamboo and timber frame, and basket-like base. The base fits two guests comfortably.
Stretched over the upper parts of the floating orb is lightweight hydrophobic fabric sourced from Vietnam that protects occupants against rain. The lodges are kept in place with taut cables which are secured to neighboring trees, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint.
The project would also include an elevated bamboo and timber observation deck, which is also suspended between three or four sturdy trees. The deck would allow guests to watch wildlife without disturbing their daily habits.