All buildings and structures older than 60 years must go through Heritage Commission approval before plans can be approved at Council.  There is a list of architecturally or historically significant buildings, however the decision has been made to try and preserve our architectural heritage so now all buildings/structures have to go through approval first.  In general try and make sure that you hire an architect/designer with experience at the Heritage Commission as the process is quite tricky.  For a start the planned changes have to be sympathetic with the overall architecture of the building/structure.  In addition the property has to be extensively photographed, the neighbouring frontages and street have to be photographed as well.  The complicated part involves getting Title Deeds or Deeds of Transfer for the entire age of the property, this can involve many hours pouring over dusty documents in the Archives Department of the local Deeds Offices...  The Provincial Heritage Resources Authority is severely understaffed and overloaded with work, so expect a 3 month wait for your plans to be approved.  For more information on Heritage check out our Articles Page - Heritage Act, Burra Charter and the application form for PHRAG.