New recycled plastic sidewalk harvests energy from the sun -Imagine a colorful modular paving system that snaps together “like LEGO bricks” replacing dull pavements currently populating today’s concrete jungles. Hungarian startup Platio designed that paving system to make our sidewalks do more for us. Their paving system, made with recycled plastic, offers firm ground while harvesting clean energy from the sun.
Platio’s paving system harvests power from the sun via monocrystalline silicon cells inside tempered glass. TechCrunch says a plastic backing enables the system to dodge damage when people walk on it. The pavement modules connect in such a manner that doesn’t necessitate extra wiring; according to Platio, “The units are compact and modularly connect together making electronic contact without additional wiring by a powerline communication systems which connects automatically during the establishment.”
The pavement reportedly generates 160 watts per square meter, or per 10 square feet, according to Treehugger. Platio offers the paving in three colors, and is also working to create another innovative system to harvest energy from footsteps.