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5th Grader builds off-grid solar powered tiny house shelter for just $10.

Posted by Blue Designs - Architectural Designers on Thursday, March 9, 2017, In : Sustainability 

One fifth grader took a school project to a whole new level with an entire renewably-powered mobile tiny home. Ten-year-old Callie Hilton designed Callie’s Coop, an off-grid shelter powered via a small solar panel that boasts its own rainwater capturing system and composting toilet. The whole thing is light enough that Callie can move it herself, and by using reclaimed materials, she kept the cost of the project to under $10.
Callie’s Coop is Callie’s fifth grade project; she and her cla...

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A $10K Tiny House 3-d printed in 24 hours.

Posted by Blue Designs - Architectural Designers on Thursday, March 2, 2017, In : 3d Printing 

Building a house typically takes months, exacerbating the housing crisis so many people face worldwide. Apis Cor, a San Francisco-based company that specializes in 3D-printing, decided to tackle that crisis with a groundbreaking mobile 3D-printer that can print an entire 400-square-foot tiny home in just 24 hours. What’s more, doing so costs just over $10,000 – a steal compared to most modern homes.
On their website, Apis Cor says the construction industry may be sluggish now, but they wil...

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Revolving solar-powered home for veterans wins California’s first tiny house competition

Posted by Blue Designs - Architectural Designers on Thursday, November 10, 2016, In : Green Building 
Santa Clara University students recently won California's first tiny house competition with 238 square feet of technological and design genius. Called rEvolve House, referencing its ability to track the sun throughout the day to optimize solar gain, the prototypical home was designed in collaboration with Operation Freedom Paws as a low-cost housing solution for veterans training their own service dogs.  To read more go to:-
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7 Ideas for Designing a Tiny House

Posted by Blue Designs - Architectural Designers on Tuesday, May 31, 2016, In : Building

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