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Asher Pittman - Communication and marketing at Comelite Architecture & Structure

A vibrant and positive person, a true professional and a credit to her company 
She will always go over and beyond, her work ethic is second to none and she has to be one of the kindest, most helpful individuals I have ever come across.


Claire is a practical architectural designer, very professional and responsive to specific requests. I also found her costings to be reasonable.

Bongi Mdaka - MD GP Planning Consultants

"I first met Claire whilst I was working at Johannesburg City Council. she was one the hard working, friendliest person ive met during my stay at the council... I have worked with her on several projects over the last year - ranging from a hotel, student accomodation and a new complex. I find Claire to provide a much faster service than other Architects I have worked with in the past and she offers excellent value for money. I always recommend Claire to my clients and contacts without hesitation." 
hope you try her and see for yourself.

Heather Trumble - Chief Plans Examiner - City of Johannesburg

Claire is a professional in her dealing with council and it is a pleasure to work with her.

Dr Kim Bishop

Claire is a compassionate, determined woman who cares about how people are treated and the conditions they live in. I admire her effort, her determination and her ability to strategically and politically navigate the many barriers in starting an NGO to put together a program of sustainable development in South Africa for the very poor.

Barry Van Rensburg Managing Member at Upper Building and Construction

In have worked with, and seen a lot of architectural drawings by various architects. I was overwhelmed by the attention to measured detail in the design drawings done by Blue Designs Architectural Designers. Claire is a total asset to the company and a great personality to deal with.

 I think it's vital to talk about all aspects of Architecture - whether it be planning, construction, design or green building. I have written 3 E-Books & over 110 articles. Please feel free to let me know if you have any queries regarding architecture, planning & construction & I will assist you. I am originally from the UK and moved to South Africa in 1999. I started Blue Designs in 2004 after working as for Avalon Construction on a luxury home in the Featherbrook Estate.  In my spare time I am a keen artist and photographer.

I can be reached on +27 82 399 0180 or+27 11 025 4458 (mobile landline) or at

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