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Blue Designs is an Architectural Design practice established in 2005 by Claire Cardwell.  

I am an architectural designer who specialises in designing modern family homes with good design which will enhance your life.

I also design and modernise homes and heritage homes without losing their character.  Additions and Alterations are also quite a challenge!

If you have an existing structure that is 'As Built' (or Illegal) and you have no plans then I can assist you with getting Municipal Approvals.

I have long established ties with Council, Town Planners and Couriers which enable me to offer prompt municipal approvals.  Blue Designs is based in Johannesburg

In my spare time I am a writer (The Naked Architect) and an artist.  The Naked Architect is blog I started to 'lay bare' the mysteries of Architecture and Planning here in Joburg.

For further information on Getting Building Plans Approved, 

Occupation Certificates, or

Building Line Relaxation,  and

Green Building - please check out my Articles page.

For some of my Previous Projects - go to my Previous Projects  page and scroll down.

House Chidi (Copperleaf Golf Estate, 2 years in & looking good!

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Great news!  You are allowed a Cottage as well as a Staff Quarters now where ever you are in the Joburg Metropolitan Area.

You can have 2 subsidiary dwellings - one of which is a staff quarters.  The total area allowed is 160m2 or 90% of the existing house which ever is the lesser.

So if you have an 'as built' Cottage or would like to build oneplease let me know and I can assist you with getting everything approved at Council.

I've written an article on how the new CoJ Landuse Scheme (Johannesburg Town Planning Scheme) affects the homeowner -

How does the new Joburg Town Planning Scheme affect me?

How does my Design Process Work?

I always get asked this question when meeting clients for the first time.  How do you work? How will this work ?  they ask me.  This is the most important question they ask, so a blog post on this is well overdue.

Johannesburg City Council have replaced the old Town Planning Schemes for Sandton, Randburg, Roodepoort and Johannesburg with a new Consolidated Town Planning Scheme which came into effect on the 1st February 2019. To download a copy please visit the Town Planning Page.

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