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We assist you to realise the full potential of your property and to remove restrictions.

  • We gather and assess all relevant information with regard to a specific property.
  • We then provide  the property owner with advice; and
  • Assist  the property owner with the recommended procedures.

We compile applications and manage these procedures on your behalf.

Applications and Procedures are regulated by legislation (i.e. Acts, Ordinances, Town Planning Schemes) and official development policies.

In the process of compiling and managing applications, the Town Planner also coordinates the involvement of various other professions such as:

  • Engineers
  • Land surveyors
  • Geo-technical experts
  • Environmental experts
  • Architects
  • Legal experts
  • Valuators

Through our contacts at Johannesburg City Council we offer fast track town planning approvals. 

  • Building Line Relaxation
  • Re-Zoning
  • Business Rights
  • Consolidation
  • Sub-Division
  • Removal of Restrictions
  • Consent Use
  • Second Dwelling Applications
  • Site Development Plans
  • Township Establishment
  • Liquor Licenses
For more information contact
Claire on 
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II've written an article on what to expect with the new Joburg Town Planning Scheme for the homeowner - click the link below.

The old Town Planning Schemes for Sandton, Randburg, Roodepoort and Johannesburg have been replaced by the CoJ Landuse Scheme 2018 as of the 1st February 2019.

Council of Johannesburg Land Use Scheme 2018

CoJ Land Use Scheme 2018 - Proc Copy.pdf CoJ Land Use Scheme 2018 - Proc Copy.pdf
Size : 5080.465 Kb
Type : pdf

Gauteng Planning & Development Bill 2012

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