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Articles on solar energy, energy efficiency and green building techniques and materials.  Scroll down the page and take a look.  If you have any questions please let  me know.

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Energy Efficiency

The SAIAT Course in Energy Efficiency in Buildings explains the intricacies of the new Energy Efficiency Legislation. 

SANS 204 Workshop (2012) AUG.pdf SANS 204 Workshop (2012) AUG.pdf
Size : 2828.992 Kb
Type : pdf
SANS 10400 Part XA Workshop (2012) AUG.pdf SANS 10400 Part XA Workshop (2012) AUG.pdf
Size : 973.842 Kb
Type : pdf
Comprehensive-Guide-to-Sustainable-Lighting.pdf Comprehensive-Guide-to-Sustainable-Lighting.pdf
Size : 6387.921 Kb
Type : pdf
Economic Benefits of Sustainable Design.pdf Economic Benefits of Sustainable Design.pdf
Size : 864.271 Kb
Type : pdf

Building a House out of Straw?  How about Rice?

The best straw to use for building is rice straw.  Pine Needle Straw and Coconut Straw also work really well, but due to the high silica content in Rice Straw it's far better than wheat straw. 

Image Credit - Sustainablog


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