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It is mandatory for all buildings and structures over 60 years old to go through a Heritage Application process before plans can be submitted to Building Control at Council.  In addition buildings that are in a Heritage Area or are regarded as having Historical or Social importance will also need to go through the Heritage planning process.  

Burra Charter (PDF File)

Size : 4816.484 Kb
Type : pdf
Heritage Resourses Act.pdf Heritage Resourses Act.pdf
Size : 203.198 Kb
Type : pdf
Heritage act - Presentation.pdf Heritage act - Presentation.pdf
Size : 2912.897 Kb
Type : pdf

PHRAG (Provincial Heritage Regulatory Authority Gauteng) Application Form (Word Document)

PHRA-G Application Form.docx PHRA-G Application Form.docx
Size : 42.362 Kb
Type : docx

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