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Claire Cardwell - Artist

Claire Cardwell is originally from the UK and moved to South Africa in 1999, she is an Architectural Designer, Artist and Writer.

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Whatsapp - 066 232 3676

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Blue Lion - 2007 - Acrylic on Box Canvas

(Cardwell Family Trust)

Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise Flower)  Fabric Paint and Acrylic on Muslin on Board. 40cm x 40cm  Available - R1,500

Zebra Foal & Mother, Acrylic and Fabric Paint on Box Canvas 30cm x 40cm.  Available - R1,500

Dragon Doorstop Brick, Acrylic.

Available (Johannesburg only) - R500

Pop Art Supermodel Doorstop Brick

(Cardwell Family Trust)

Keep Calm and Tame a Dragon Doorstop Brick - Commission 2015

Guinea Fowl Doorstop Brick - Commission 2014

Yin Yang Dragon Doorstop Brick - Commission 2014

Fairy Doorstop Stone - Commission 2014

Deconstructed Mandala - Abundance Painting - Acrylic and Metallic Paint on Box Canvas, 35cm x 45cm - Available R3,500

Deconstructed Mandala - Pure Love Acrylic and Metallic Paint on Box Canvas 30 cm x 40cm. 2017 Available R3,500

Joy - Glass Mosaic Tiles on MDF - 24cm x 12cm.

(Cardwell Family Trust).

White Aum - Glass Mosaic on MDF 27cm x 30cm - 2017.  Available - R850

Red and Turquoise Love - Glass Mosaic on MDF, 30cm x 30cm.  2016Available - R850.

Orange Aum - Glass Mosaic Tiles on MDF - Commission 2016

Red & Turquoise Aum 2017 - Commission


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